February 8, 2010

Swagbucks Swidget!!

I have talked about Swagbucks before but I wanted to give you a little more information. The main way to earn swagbucks is to search the internet on swagbucks.com. But there are other ways. Every once in a while they release a limited time swagcode that you can enter on your main swagbuck page and it will earn you swagbucks. The above swidget is one of the ways to find out if there is an active swagbuck available. You just click on Swagcodes and it will either tell you there are no swagcodes avaible, give you a hint to where there is a swagcode of just give you the code to enter. I really love swagbucks and I can't believe how quickly they accumulate. I already have anough for another $5 Amazon gift card and I am working on getting more so sign up and join the fun!

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