February 10, 2010

Get 6 rolls of Bounty Paper towels for .04 cents

Search & Win

Well hopefully by now you have figured out that joining Swagbucks is well worth it.  And hopefully you have been using Swagbucks.com to search the internet.  If you have then in no time you will have enough Swagbucks to get a $5 gift card to Alice.com (they cost 20 Swagbucks).  So cash in those 20 Swagbucks and get your gift card to (for new customers only) Alice.com.  Then go on over to Alice and put 6 rolls of Bounty Paper Towels into your shopping cart.  Apply the gift card and there you go .04 cents for 6 rolls of paper towels.  It is normally Alice's policy to only let you check out if you have 6 or more items in your cart but you can give it a try with one item and it might let you since you would be a first time customer.  I got a free bag of Eight O'clock coffee when I used my $5 gift card.  There are so many other possibilities too so whatever you need you should definately check out Swagbucks and Alice.  And if you sign up for Alice through one of the links on this page and you keep using Alice.com after this deal you will receive a $10 credit into your account after you purchase $50 or more.  Remeber shipping is always free at Alice.com.

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