January 20, 2010

Free Gift Cards

Yes it is true you can get free gift cards. How do you ask? Just by using SWAGBUCKS to search the Internet. Yup just searching the Internet!!! It is really easy and you don't even have to download anything to your computer. Click here to sign up and get started earning swagbucks for doing practically nothing. The search is powered by Google so it is from a familiar source. You can earn rewards fairly quickly. In about 2 weeks I got a $5 gift card to ALICE.COM which is a great website that sells laundry detergent, cleaners, paper products and more and ships them for free!!! They even have some pretty good prices. When I compared a product from Alice to my local A&P, Alice actually charged almost $1 less. That is a lot of money. Oh and Swagbucks also has gift cards to Amazon.com but they do cost more swagbucks. You should definitely check out both of these great sites!!!

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