January 25, 2010

Bzz Agent WOM Marketing

Okay this Freebie is a little different. Bzz Agent is a website that focuses on WOM (word of mouth) marketing. You join this site for free and there are many different things you can do. The bzz campaigns are the best part of Bzz Agent. You can join a bzz campaign and you will usually get free products to use.  In exchange for getting these free products they would like you to first tell your friends and family about the product and then report back to them when you do.  You can get some pretty cool free stuff. I personally have gotten a Glade Sense and Spray, Palmolive free and clear dish detergent, Covergirl lipstain and more. It is really a lot of fun so I suggest you join. Oh and while you are there head over to the frogpond, click on the shopping and coupons link and find our site. It would be really nice if you could say a few nice things about us and give us a rating. Click here to sign up.


  1. I'm also a member of BzzAgent and I LOVE IT! It's a great way to find out about products and even try a few at no cost. Who wouldn't love that! Aside from trying the products Carol listed, I also got a shipment of Zycam Cold Remedy about a month ago. The shipment contained three packages for me to share with family/friends, who then got to try it for the first time, as well as myself. Couldn't have been better timing either because I started coming down with a cold the very next day. Twenty-four hours of Zycam and I was 100% again, all thanks to BzzAgent. A definite recommendation for everyone!

  2. Thanks for sharing it is a great site. Do you do Swagbucks? If not you really should it is so easy to earn giftcards by just searching.